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Escape Logan offers a range of VR experiences

VR Titles

Geist Manor: Playtime

You’ve been knocked out, but you awaken inside what seems to be a little girl’s play room. A lot of things seem to be just a little… off. You suddenly hear a girl’s voice say “Mommy says we can only play ’til midnight.” Playtime has begun.

Subject X: Abduction

You are suddenly abducted by a seemingly infinitely large spaceship. Blinded by the light, you awaken to the sound of a robotic voice and realize you are simply a test subject that will soon be dissected.

Lost Legends: The Pharaoh’s Tomb

You’re woken up trapped in a rocky tomb. You suddenly hear the trembling voice of the temple’s keeper. He is merciful in giving you time to leave his sacred chambers, but his patience wears thin.

Chatfield Penitentiary


Chatfield Penitentiary is Escape VR’s first high-throughput VR experience. Themed for the upcoming holiday season, Escape VR has created a 1-3 minute walking experience to be used alongside amusement and facility entertainment. The total system is highly portable and built to maximize revenue and promote social proof. Contact us for details on how you can integrate Chatfield Penitentiary into your business today!

Ward 9: The Experiment


In our first 2-player game featuring our adaptable avatar system, players must communicate to prove that they can adapt to society.

Through a series of mind-bending tests, you and your partner must travel through the ward and work with each other to make sense of the “experiments” you’ll be undergoing. Society expects you to be just sane enough to accept you. Can you and your partner prove your capabilities?